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Discover our liquid Gold elixir - Coffee by the Sea - and glow like a goddess. Our triple infused body oil is fused with green coffee beans and seaweed, leaving your skin radiant and luminous. Its sweet, caramel-vanilla aroma creates a delightful experience. Our oil will help reduce the appearance of cellulite, slack skin and stretch marks, mimicking the natural oils of your body to create a firmer and suppler appearance. Used on damp skin, it transforms into a milky lotion, replenishing moisture and keeping your skin hydrated. And it doubles as a pre-wash or shaving oil!

When used on damp skin, the oil turns into a luxurious milky lotion, helping to lock in extra moisture. It can also be used as a pre-wash oil or shaving oil.

Coffee by the Sea directions:

Shake before use. Add a few pumps of the oil in your hand and then apply to the desired area. Focus on areas of loose or dry skin, stretch marks, and cellulite as this oil will help target those problem areas. Use on damp skin to create a milky moisturizing effect. Can also be used as a massage oil. 

Coffee by the Sea, emuslifying body oil ingredients: Caprylic Triglyceride oil, Virgin Macadamia Integrifolia oil, Coffea Arabica infusions, Macrocystis pyrifera, Polysorvate 80, Olive M 300, Vanilla Fragrance, shimmer mica.

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