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Lady Dash



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Our Aggressive waist trainer but better.

Same AMAZING quality 

Now with 4 layers of different fabric to increase body heat, fat burning and metabolism if you loved our aggressive you'll love this upgraded version even more. This design gives you the same sleek silhouette but without the interference of your waist trainer digging into the bra area, so now you can go ahead and indulge in your underwire brassiere... 

New W shape, is so much more comfortable especially if you have protruding upper ribs.

The trainer also has little beads of Tourmaline lined into little pockets in the trainer, tourmaline has so many benefits eg. increases body temperature, increases circulation, helps with lymph drainage and so much more, 


Final Thoughts on Black Tourmaline 

For those who want to call on the natural powers of protection, Black Tourmaline is your ideal secret weapon. It’s impeccable powers and its ability to transmute negative energies into something positive make it a must for your toolbox of crystals that beautifully serve and protect.

If you struggle to feel safe in your root chakra, find yourself feeling lost and vulnerable in this world, and often feel like your own emotions are spinning out of control, then Black Tourmaline can be the friend you need to bring yourself back to grounding. for more go read (here)

Waist training has proven medical benefits such as posture correction, it speeds up metabolism, gently encourages activation of abdominal muscles therefore assisting in the healing of Diastasis recti...

For more information on Diastasis Recti watch this video 

We do not recommended any excessive bending and twisting motion with this waist trainer, therefore this waist trainer is not recommended for working out or sleeping in. 

Remember that you need to wash your waist trainer with a very mild soap and keep out of direct sunlight.

For more on how to wash and take care of your waist trainer watch this video...





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