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Lady Dash



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Finally a waist trainer that doesn't dig into the hips, perfect for ladies with big booties or shorter torsos. 

This waist trainer comes in three torso lengths 23cm, 30 cm and 34 cm.

The traditional waist trainer has 9 flexi steel bones for extra comfort but don't under estimate this trainer! Even compression around your waist makes sure your seeing serious results. With the extra layers of cotton you won't even know your wearing a trainer at all! Great for active people wanting to waist train and work out! But remember just like any trainer we do not recommend any crunches or bending as this will damage your trainer!




Waist training has proven medical benefits such as posture correction, it speeds up metabolism, gently encourages activation of abdominal muscles therefore assisting in the healing of Diastasis recti...

For more information on Diastasis Recti watch this video 

Remember that you need to wash your waist trainer with a very mild soap and keep out of direct sunlight.

For more on how to wash and take care of your waist trainer watch this video...


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